Wanderlust – by definition – “a strong or irresistible impulse to travel.

I believe it can be more than that – a wanderlust of the soul. You may be wondering why I chose the topics – Students, Hollywood, Travel, Resorts – it’s because each of them represents a time in my life where I made a radical change and tried out a lifestyle for a time.

I’m thinking if you’ve landed here you might be part of the same wandering tribe as I am.

You’re a seeker.

You view the path through life as anything but a straight line. You not only take the path less traveled, sometimes you take out a machete and carve your own path. 

While some may say there is less and less to be discovered in this world – I don’t believe that’s true. 

Ice Lakes Trail Silverton, Colorado

One of my all-time favorite hikes – Ice Lakes near Silverton Colorado

Your unique journey through life is a gift given only to you.

My path started out as a first generation American – a “third culture kid.” This made me feel more like a citizen of the world than of just one country. Travel and the seeking of new landscapes were handed down to me as a way of life by my parents through regular Sunday drives in whatever state we happened to be currently residing.

A yearlong solo-backpacking trip through Australasia opened me up to possibility. Afterwards, I made my way through Europe, Central America, the U.S. and parts of Africa and Asia, stopping occasionally to put down roots in various states and countries to work as a teacher, ski bum, TV producer – you name it. And while I may not always be traveling, I am ever a seeker – eager to learn about everything that’s out there to experience in this magnificent world.

Welcome – I hope this community gives you the power and inspiration to have a ChockaLife.


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