What’s It Take to Become a Reality TV Producer?

What’s it take to become a reality TV producer? Bill Pruitt, nominated three times by the Producers Guild of America as “Non-Fiction Producer of the Year” and Emmy award winning producer of shows The Amazing Race, The Apprentice and Deadliest Catch, talks about his creative journey to becoming a hit reality TV producer. He has produced television all around the world for CBS, NBC, MTV, National Geographic, History and Discovery – filming on nearly every continent on the planet. His adventures as a producer have included; following contestants racing around the world, candidates vying for a job working for Donald Trump, truckers in the High Himalayas, perpetrators of the Rwanda Genocide in France, crab fishermen on the Bering Sea, alleged terrorists in the Congo, pot growers in the Emerald Triangle, gator hunters in the Louisiana swamp and commercial spear fishermen diving deep into the Gulf of Mexico.

You can follow Bill’s adventures on Twitter.

Click here for the transcript of the podcast – Hollywood Life – Becoming a Reality TV Producer / Bill


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