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Packing anxiety – we all get it – even seasoned travelers – that’s why articles on packing are a perennial on the internet. Before every trip I make a list, check it often, add things, subtract things, fret, check online for new tips on what to bring, wait until the night before and then, finally, pack my bag – making sure not to leave enough time to to repack it before I head out the door. Why so much anxiety after all my so-called “travel experience?” Because experience has taught me that I always manage to leave something important behind – every trip. So you can sleep a little easier, bag thoughtfully packed, before your next trip – here are my go-to sites for the best packing list:

One Bag – The Authority – yes you can travel with just one carry-on bag for all your trips!

Rick Steves  – he also does one specifically for women travelers…

Independent Traveler – this site is cool because it includes an “interactive” packing list

Seat Guru – tells you what your airline baggage rules are as well as carryon luggage allowed

Enjoy the journey! And don’t worry about what you forgot to pack – you’ll still enjoy the picture of you in front of the Louvre with a not so flattering look, despite having a bad hair day because you forgot your favorite conditioner!

Comments, questions? – now it’s your turn 

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  • Diana

    I once forgot to pack socks of all things on a 14 day trip to Australia and New Zealand!

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