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This is no ordinary employment agency. Want to be a contestant on The Voice, DJ at Club Med or Skipper in Croatia? Founded by three creatives – with a long list of incredible adventures around the world to their credit. With backgrounds in TV, marketing and tech – they decided to pay forward their collective knowledge and contacts to give us all a chance at some dream jobs. You never know what you’ll find on DreamJobbing – and these jobs are for real. With an easy application process and even opportunities to be a college ambassador – this is the place to find once in a lifetime adventures.

I met Lisa Hennessy while working on one of Mark Burnett’s first TV series – Eco-Challenge Morocco. Lisa Hennessy DreamJobbingShe’s one of the founders of Dreamjobbing. She’s also an Executive Producer of TV shows like Eco-Challenge, Rock Star, Expedition Impossible and The Biggest Loser. The best part of her story is – persistence in finding her first dream job. Here’s a little bit about her story and how she came to found DreamJobbing.

Tell me about Dreamjobbing – what is offered on the site?

DreamJobbing is next generation career platform that connects applicants with opportunities using video technology. 

What was the inspiration & philosophy for starting DreamJobbing?

My partners and I have been extremely fortunate to have experienced incredible opportunities during our careers.  We wanted to create a global platform that offered incredible experiences, internships and inspirational full time jobs.  We also wanted to give people the tool (video profile) that would allow them a better chance at landing those opportunities. 

All 3 founders have amazing life stories – can you tell me a little bit about each of you and how you became partners?

I started my career in entertainment by literally bugging Mark Burnett until he hired me.  That lead to me being one of the founding members of Mark Burnett productions.  I went on to executive produce 100’s of hours of network TV all around the globe.  One of our first productions was an adventure race called Eco-Challenge.   Burton Roberts was one of the competitors in the Eco-Challenge Fiji event.  He then went on to compete in Survivor – another one of our productions.   In LA, there is a tribe of folks who have taken part in big adventure productions both in front and behind the camera.  A lot of us became friends.  Alex Boylan won Amazing Race Season 2.  He and Burton became friends and started a production company together called Around the World Productions.  Having similar backgrounds, experiences and passions we all became friends.  About 2 years ago we decided to team up and create something special.  DreamJobbing was born. 

How did you get into working in TV and then transition to beginning Dreamjobbing?

I grew up as kid from the suburbs of Chicago.  I had NO idea about entertainment.  After college on a whim I packed my bags and headed west to LA.  I heard about a new adventure race called Eco-Challenge.  It included sports, team work, adventure and travel – at that moment it was clear to me – I was meant to be part of it.  For 5 months I called the office until I got in the room with Mark Burnett.  The rest is history.  

For almost 17 years, I helped grow the company from a small team of 5 into a global powerhouse.  I have been fortunate to EP some amazing franchises including Eco-Challenge, Rock Star, Contender, Expedition Impossible and the Biggest Loser. 

Two years ago, I wanted to do something innovative in the tech and digital media space so I co-created DreamJobbing.  I’ve had many dream jobs and dream opportunities and now it is time to pay that forward. 

How do you go about applying for positions on the site?

Applicants must make a simple video profile – including a 60 second video cover letter pitching why you are the right person for the gig. 

What improves your chances of getting these types of opportunities? Intern, TV, Dreamjob? Is there a certain type of person who would have a better chance of getting the job?

Show your passion and personality and take your time making your video profile.  Over 50 people have landed their dream gig using the platform – you could be next.   Nothing to lose, everything to gain! 

How often are new opportunities posted?

At least 2 a month. In the future we hope to announce a new cool gig a day. 

Where do the opportunities on the site come from?

Opportunities come from all over but for now they are mainly in travel and entertainment. 

What type of information does the employer give you to prepare for working in some of these jobs – since they’re not your average job – clothing lists, things to pack, info on transportation, where you would live, anything else?

Most requirements are clearly outlined in each job posting.

Tell me about the college ambassadors program.

We have over 20 college students who take part.  It’s really a chance for me to mentor young talent.  They write blogs, give me feedback on DJ (DreamJobbing) and help us spread the word about opportunities. 

What would you say to someone thinking of following their dream job adventure?  Tips, advice, things you might do differently / the same from your experiences?

Sounds cliche but – just do it.  You only live once.  Experience over things is always the most rewarding choice in life. 

Finally, any advice on how to prepare yourself to apply for opportunities offered by DreamJobbing if you don’t think you have what it takes to apply now?

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Thanks Lisa!

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