How to Design Your Own Career & Travel With Purpose / Tori Hogan

Why not design your own career? The sky’s the limit! Dream big and aim high. Tori Hogan did just that – talking her way into numerous adventures around the world – leaving herself open to opportunity as well as seeking it out with fierce determination. Tori has spent the past decade circumnavigating the globe in search of insights and what she likes to call – Travel With Purpose. Over the years, Tori has immersed herself in the developing world as an aid worker, volunteer, researcher, filmmaker, and specialist on the topic of aid effectiveness. As an avid traveler, Tori’s endless curiosity about the world has taken her to every continent and more than seventy-five countries.

In addition to her work and travels in the developing world, Tori has also spent time as a polar photographer on numerous expeditions in the Arctic and Antarctica. But what most intrigued me about Tori is that she combined a restless spirit with some brash confidence and a dash of serendipity to craft her destiny. I talk to Tori about what it takes to create opportunity and, how the motto of fake it till you make it led to adventure.


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Tori Hogan in Antarctica

Tori in Antarctica










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