My Journey to Expat Life in Mexico

Recently, I met an inspiring woman who followed her dreams to a new life in Mexico. Kerry Baker bypassed all the naysayers and let her true desires guide her. Here’s her story. Be inspired!

My Journey to the Expat Life
by Kerry Baker

When you are naturally meant to do something, green lights will flash in front of you, telling you to “Go!..(for god’s sake) Go!” You may stare blankly at those lights at first, but once you do start moving, everything you do becomes almost effortless. Barriers drop or seem inconsequential. As you downshift and determine your real destination, it seems like you’re flying. Suddenly you are driving where the minimum speed limit is 120 miles an hour; it’s fast, fun and very scary. It’s a feeling I didn’t invent – it’s been recounted to me by many friends who have reinvented themselves and/or their lives past 40.

Our subconscious knows us better than we know ourselves. Our subconscious mind often runs counter to our conscious thought and makes us do things we can’t explain. It knows what you really want and guides you accordingly. (For more on this, read “Subliminal: How Your Unconscious Mind Rules Your Behavior, by Leonard Mlodinow).

For example, after 30 years of not speaking Spanish, I decided to start attending a Spanish practice group, telling myself it was just a way to fill some time. At the same time, I “stumbled” into a friendship with a delightful young woman from Veracruz, Mexico who needed English lessons. Concurrently, I met and became friends with a woman in my hiking group who had a house in Mazatlan, and whose  husband was intimately familiar with Mexico having worked out of Mexico City for many years. I was beginning to get the message.

I snooped around some expat blogs, more than a little frightened by the idea that was pinging around in my head. Half-hoping she’d shoot down the idea as crazy, I ran Mexico by my CPA who with no skin in the game, signed off on my plan as a sound financial strategy. Someone who confirmed I wasn’t crazy.
Arriving to Mexico, the trend of serendipity  continued. When you are meant for a certain life, everything clicks into place, just like when you are not meant to be somewhere or in a particular job, everything is a struggle.

Were there difficulties? Yes. But in spite of the bumps, those lights were still flashing green. The most important element, which was meeting the right people, people whom I could love and who supported my dream life, continued unabated.

When you go by natural instinct and swallow your fear, sometimes a wonderful peace envelopes you too.  In the movie Tin Cup, Kevin Costner describes the art of playing golf is to “take control and let go at the same time.”  That is what following your heart is all about.

Visit Kerry’s blog about how you too follow your dream to Mexico: Ventanas Mexico

Mazatlan Surf


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