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To all of you who want to have a “chocka” life – welcome.  I would like you to make yourself at home in this virtual world and begin to think differently about how you can live your life. It took me a long time, some serendipitous circumstances and chance meetings before I found a community of people who inspired me to stop dreaming and start doing.  So I built this site for you to find that community here.  What I had always wanted – before I just decided to make things happen on my own – (even though I didn’t have a clue how to begin) was to have someone go before me, lead the way and be my mentor.  Throughout, I’ve had some help along the way but mostly through perseverance and a lot of luck I found my own road.  I’m hoping that through this community, you will too. I’d like this to be a community that works to bring real change to people’s lives and show them the way to live a lifestyle that allows them to find out all the opportunities available for those with the moxie to make “it” happen. Whether you want to live in a resort community, work in Hollywood, make travel a main life goal or just find your element and what makes you happiest in life – our community can help.  I’ll be here to answer questions, give advice and try to help you avoid mistakes that can derail those dreams.  And..I also look forward to getting inspiration from all of you as well.

Comments, questions? – now it’s your turn 

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